Inspiring the next generation

School Based Projects

Introduction to Business

Our introduction to business programme enables our young people to learn and experience the skills needed to run a service, or product based business. Even those young people with no interest in starting their own business later in life will learn vital life skills which they can use in the workplace.

The below video is a group of young people who were visited by 5 local businessmen from different sectors. The young people had interviews with the sector they were most interested in before hearing the journey each had been on to run a successful business.

Take The Lead - knife crime prevention

Relating to Role Models - mentoring

Inspirational Programmes

Our Take The Lead project was funded in 2018 by London Luton Airport, Police Community Fund and Luton Borough Council's Your Say Your Way.

The project for referred young people who are involved with, or vulnerable to gang related activity, knife crime and/or serious youth violence. The project consists of a hour long presentation by Directional director Jermaine Hall and TopGuard UK's Jason Lowe which includes a specifically made video with actor Aaron Fontaine and boxer Jordan Reynolds. Following the presentation, the group of 11-16 year olds participate in 12 weeks of a sporting activity (football, basketball, boxercise) and intense 1-1 sessions, all designed to educate, engage and empower young people on how they can take the lead of their own life and have a positive influence on their peers.

We provide a 1-1 or small group mentoring programme, designed for young people with behaviour, social inclusion or motivation issues.

The programme has proved very successful and highlights the need for some young people to build a good working relationship on a 1-1 basis with a positive role model. 


At Directional, we have designed various group projects which aim to inspire the participants.

We use sports, music or mentoring to engage the young people and use classroom time to discuss current and essential topics. We use examples of local, positive role models to raise the aspirations of our young people, which has shown to increase engagement in school and reduce bad behaviour and ultimately permanent exclusion from mainstream school.

We like to reward effort and change with a presentation at the end of each project.

Please contact us for more details on our; More Than A Goal; Choose To Succeed and Youth Crime Awareness programmes.

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